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  • October is Cybersecurity Month

    “Cybersecurity” describes measures taken to protect a computer or computer system and encompasses a broad range of practices, tools and concepts. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, worldwide spending on security will hit $1 trillion by 2021. An outgrowth of cybersecurity is “cyberbullying.” Employers should make efforts to prevent cyberbullying the... Read more

  • Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil

    Turmeric is a spice that has a lengthy history and important roll in traditional cultures throughout the Eastern world. It has a mild smell, peppery flavor and rich orangey-red or yellow color. Turmeric also has a rich history for its use as a medicine and health agent. twenty percent... Read more

  • What is Remote Support

    Remote support is a cost-effective technology that allows a technician to service your computer from a remote location. This way, the technician doesn’t even have to be where your computer is located. … You can schedule a technican to service your computer nearly any time of the day, and... Read more